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“We’ve been using Nounou Neighbors for the past six months. It has been a game changer for our family! Before Nounou, my husband and I rarely went on “date nights”. We used my parents 99% of the time and I felt guilty about constantly asking for their help. Nounou’s “request” portal is easy to use and within my specified time frame I’m provided with a list of interested sitters. We have worked with a handful of ladies and all have been most professional. They arrive on time and even pick up toys at the end of the evening. The monthly fee is reasonable and is a small price to pay for the reassurance we have a network of responsible people within reach. – Leslie Kohman


“I LOVE the convenience and experienced childcare that comes with Nounou Neighbors. Molly is incredible, so responsive and professional. She’s in tune to exactly what I’m looking for in a sitter and she genuinely cares about each experience. The sitters are fantastic!! Professional, respectful and great with my kids. As a working mom with a jam packed schedule, I love having this service on hand!” – Kristin Ray


“Nounou Neighbors has been a lifesaver.  Being able to get a reliable, professional and enthusiastic sitter at anytime is priceless.  I have felt so comfortable with every sitter that has come to my home and my kids love to have new faces to play with.  Molly has created such a positive program and is consistently checking in with sitters and families to ensure success on both ends.” – Courtney Raupp


“We had an awesome experience with Nounou Neighbors  and I’m so excited to have this resource available the next time we need a babysitter. Because honestly, if you don’t have a built-in sitter, the whole process can be so stressful!! People are protective over their babysitters and I’ve always found it intimidating to go out on my own and search for one. This eliminates all of the stress and worry and just lets you focus on the date!” – Vanessa Calcera


“Nounou Neighbors is such a fantastic service, and really a life saver for us. Molly and her team at Nounou Neighbors were able to find us our after-school sitters this year, with very little notice, and it has been such a good fit for our family! We have used Nounou Neighbors several times for other evening sitters, and every sitter has been great – my kids have loved them. I really appreciate the local and personal touch Nounou Neighbors offers over other services. Knowing Molly has personally interviewed and vetted each sitter brings me peace of mind. I am a very satisfied customer, and will continue to use Nounou Neighbors – I highly recommend! -Allyson Hild


“Nounou Neighbors has been such a blessing! We are always able to find a reliable, professional, and trustworthy babysitter even on very short notice. I always feel confident that a Nounou sitter will be safe and professional. Nounou is a very small investment with an invaluable return! Thank you!  Seriously, thank you Molly for what you do and doing such a good job screening and coaching your sitters!” -Janelle Campbell


“I tell everyone I know with kids about Nounou Neighbors. It has been an amazing resource for our family, and we have loved the sitters we’ve had thus far!  The fact that I can reach out in just one location and have options for sitters has reduced my stress level so much, and knowing that Molly and team have met with and trained everyone give us a peace of mind!” -Lindsay Lau


“I’ve been successful with other services, but I’ve never been as confident, and as quickly satisfied, as I have been with Nounou Neighbors.  Of course, as a parent, you want to know your children are in the very best hands, and the level of service I’ve experienced with Nounou Neighbors has exceeded my expectations.  The providers live up to their qualifications, the rigorous screenings instill peace of mind, and needs are met in a very timely fashion.  I won’t look anywhere else!” -Sarah Tipton


“I read somewhere that babysitters are a lot cheaper than divorce. How true is that!! I went years without a babysitter because someone I trusted to watch my kids put them in harms way and I was too gun-shy to try again. Well, you go long enough without date nights and your marriage truly starts to suffer. Nounou Neighbors was a godsend. They found me a local, reliable babysitter based on my specific needs and not only have I used her several times within the past couple months, but she’s pet-sitting for me next week while we go on vacation. Having someone we can count on has 100% changed the dynamic of my marriage and my kids absolutely adore her. In fact, they remind me when it’s time to schedule another night out. Nounou gets a 5-star rating from my family!” -Paige Williams


“Thank you, Nounou Neighbors! I am a working mom who doesn’t get out much, but I needed a sitter for a friend’s wedding – and since I rarely go out, I didn’t have one on call. Our kids had so much fun with her that we decided to use her again (minus the guilt!). She handled our baby and two toddlers with no problem. I came home to a picked up house and peace of mind that my kids were safe and had a blast! We are excited to make this a regular thing.” – Maggie Walsh


“Miranda babysat this past Saturday night and she was awesome!  She was prompt, engaged, confident and easy to be around.  The kids really seemed to like her and have a great time. She is an impressive young lady and look forward to having her babysit again.” – Alison Jones, D.D.S.


“Thank you again for your great service! Jodie was awesome! She was on time and professional. The kids were eager to play with her – even my 15 month old Momma’s girl.  This was the first time we left the kids with a sitter. When I told my 2.5 year old that we were leaving and he was to stay and play with Jodie, he said “okay!”  We came home at 9 to both kids asleep, and Jodie had just finished taking our puppy out to use the bathroom.  She also straightened up the basement, which I’m sure was destroyed during the evening. We were very pleased with how the whole think worked out! Thanks again!” – Niki Payton


“Shout out to Cary Smalley and Molly Smalley for saving us the other night!  We needed  babysitter, but with two rambunctious toddlers, they needed to be experienced people who are used to young ones.  Their company, Nounou Neighbors, is a care services company that has sitters for children and pets.  They go through extensive interviews, so you know they’re getting the best of the best!  Zoe was so good with our kids and they really enjoyed her, too!  I highly recommend Nounou for anyone who needs a sitter!” – Elizabeth Steinberg


“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about our experience with Nounou Neighbors. We’ve had prompt and personal care and our sitters have been excellent. While in the care of Nounou sitters, I’m confident my son is safe, well cared for and having loads of fun. I highly recommend giving it a shot. We’ve had nothing but great luck.” -Anna Phares


“Nounou Neighbors has been such a gift for us!  I feel comfortable making plans for dates, appointments, or just a breather because I know that a quality sitter will be available. It has taken the anxiety out of finding a sitter.  I’m not sure what I would have done without Nounou Neighbors!  Actually, I do.  I would have stayed home!” – Hanae Nosti


“I don’t know WHY I waited so long to sign up. This is such a game changer for us. Thank you!!!” – Patti Sosa


Thank you so so much! I’ve already had more luck with your site in less than 24 hours than I have for a month with care.com. Thank you again! – McKenzie Rock


To say this service is amazing is an understatement! – Erin Pohan


I love your service! I have found such great girls for my kids! Every one I have used has been amazing! My summer sitter for my daughter was the best ever! – Tami Hagan


We love the peace of mind that we will always have someone available to babysit when we need it. This service is reliable and has provided us with great babysitters we have used multiple times. Thanks Nounou Neighbors! – Caitlin


Who knew there is a local babysitting service where you post your jobs online and amazing, background-checked babysitters opt into your job! No more texting multiple sitters and waiting for a response! We have been using this service for over a year and highly recommend it! – Kelly


My husband and I struggled to find a sitter for date nights until we found Nounou Neighbors! Now we can regularly go on date nights and know we have a trusted sitter who will take great care of our kids. Being a part of Nounou Neighbors has been a complete game changer for us! So happy we found them. – Cindy


We absolutely love our Nounou sitters! They always play with my boys, read to them and love on them!! – Libby


I joined in January and have had a great experience! We have had the BEST sitters and my kiddos beg for them all to come back! So much stress about finding a GOOD sitter has been eliminated for us! – Sarah


Wow, I just posted a job and got so many responses!! I’ve been searching high and low for sitters since we have had my daughter and goodness this has been easy! We do not have any family around and this truly just made my day!! Thank you so much! – Emily

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