About Us




My name is Molly Smalley.  My husband, Cary, and I live in Overland Park. We have two boys, Garrett, who is 4, and Oliver, who is 2. The reason I decided to create this connection website for families to find and connect with sitters in their area is because several years ago I accidentally booked my regular sitter for the wrong date-Friday instead of Saturday! After I realized that I had given her the wrong date and found out that she wasn’t available Saturday because it was prom, none of her friends were available either! I knew there was NO WAY any of my friends would willingly share a sitter (let’s be real folks..it’s like asking your friend if she could spare her arm for you!)

Several years later, after I’d built up a pretty good list of sitters, quite a few of whom are on our website, I decided it would be awesome to start a website for other parents in need of reliable and responsible babysitters, pet sitters and house sitters. I personally interview, coach and train each sitter, and we conduct criminal background checks on all sitters over 18 in Johnson County Kansas District Court and all Missouri Circuit Courts. Welcome to Nounou Neighbors, where you can connect with amazing sitters in your own area.  Thank you for joining us!